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Supports custom sized desktop sockets

Supports custom sized desktop sockets

Support customization, If you interested,please contract us.


This socket normally mount on the table and all connectors and hidden under the surface zinc alloy panel. Could save more space and keep table integral and conforming. To supply a fashion and modern environment for office and meeting room. The configuration is 2* RJ45 1* RCA 1* HDMI 1* VGA 1* USB 1* Audio3.5。

Desktop Socket series offer a solution of compact & beautiful desktop signal connection. The socket could be easily and conveniently connected with the electric equipments. Tabletop Socket is designed for connection of video, audio, computer video, network, telephone and power, etc. When the mechanism is opened, kinds of electric wires and data wires could be inserted and connected into the box. Desktop Socket

 Press the top of cable cubby, the mechanical Locking device inside the desktop socket will be released and the connection panel will be opened smoothly by the Pneumatic Support Structure, and use the seams on the panel which user could connect Video, Audio, Network, Telephone, Power and so on. After using the conference table socket, Just press the panel cover, the Mechanical Locking Device inside the desk top socket will lock the box. The locked connection box is flush with the tabletop and all the connections are hidden dexterously. The neat & elegant topside of the box together with the tabletop form an integrated mass. Tabletop Socket, desktop pop up socket, table hidden pop up socket.  


1.With Power Cord

2.Square / Oval Corner and Pop Up Button

3. EU Standard Power

4.Panel surface made of zinc alloy material with anode oxidation process, bottom case made of steel material, powering with black color. Antioxidative and won't loose color.

5.Hidden socket into table underside to keep desktop surface more neat, modern and save more space.

6.Just press the product button, the spring inside the socket box will pop all media socket with plat up to the tabletop, user could plug each connector directly.

7.Normally install desktop power plug on office furnishes, like office desk, meeting table or other office worktop.


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