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  • New sliding desktop media center socket BC-0401
  • New sliding desktop media center socket BC-0401
  • New sliding desktop media center socket BC-0401
  • New sliding desktop media center socket BC-0401
Name:New sliding desktop media center socket BC-0401
Model No::BC-0401
Type:flush mount desk socket
Style:with sliding cover
Material:Aluminum alloy
Slide direction:Right Side to open
Configuration:2*Universal power+2*usb charger+2*usb data
Panel size:350*100*2mm
Box Size:335*70*30mm
USB Output:Double 2 USB charger 5V/2A​
Warranty:12 month
Package Type:Carton
Application:Office table

Product Description

New sliding desktop media center socket BC-0401

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BC-0401 desktop socket is designed as an morden slide cover socket with muti-functional configuration, 

It is a hidden equipment as it is mounted on the tabletop to use and hidden into table when it is not be used.

It is a smart socket to make the electrical equipment connect easliy and conveniently.

By the slider cover design, the socket is cover by the aluminum alloy panel, users slide the cover to the right side, 

the socket is show up for use, easy to operate. 

It’s widely used for the high-tier office table, conference room table AV solution, hotel room and training room.

Seiling Piont:

  1. Manual sliding design

  2. Hidden design to save more space and makes a modern office environment

  3. Competitive price and high quality

  4. Supply with double USB power charger(5V, 2.1A)

  5. Made by Aluminum alloy material, which is corrosion resistant, wear-resistant,smooth surface and not easy to scratch.

  6. The modules can be customized as the customer's requirement

  7. Changeable configuraton with different modules for selection : HDMI, VGA, USB, Network, Audio, Video, Mic, RCA, power switch

  8. Easy installation, just cut out a square hole on the table and install the socket accordingly.

Detail Parameter:

Model No.BC-0401
Typeflush mount desk sliding socket
Stylewith sliding cover
MaterialAluminum alloy
Configuration2*Universal power+2*usb charger+2*usb data
Slide directionRight Side to open
Panel size350*100*2mm
Box size335*70*30mm
USB OutputDouble 2* USB charger 5V/2A
Warranty12 month


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