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  • Projector Ceiling Wall Mount  BM-2.0
  • Projector Ceiling Wall Mount  BM-2.0
  • Projector Ceiling Wall Mount  BM-2.0
  • Projector Ceiling Wall Mount  BM-2.0
Name:Projector Ceiling Wall Mount BM-2.0
Model Number:BM-2.0
Type:Ceiling Mount Kits
Material:Cold Rolled Steel
color:White / Black
Adjustable Arm Length:100-200cm
Loading Capacity:50kg
Adjustable Angle Tilt:± 30˚
Adjustable Angle Yaw:± 15˚
Packing Size:6pcs/ctn

Product Description

Setting Screw Projector Ceiling Wall Mount 100-200cm Round Pole BM-2.0


Projector Ceiling Mount is highly suitable for using with all kinds of LCD/DLP/ Projector with height adjustment facility available in different sizes.

Ideal of projector mount for light weight projector

Made of high-quality cold rolled steel, durable and reliable

Loading capacity of projector bracket : 25 kgs

Ceiling Mount kit is easy to adjust clutches length and angle

Projector ceiling mount bracket  is compatible for over 99% of projectors

No adaptive plate to case ventilation problems

Positioning lock-up design

Safe and convenient in cable management



1, high quality cold rolled steel material

2, Excellent A-A strong packed carton

3, superfine color dusting, high scratch resistance

4, OEM with logo on product and carton is available

5, Customized made is available



The projector mounts are widely used in office, conference room, meeting room, training center and classrooms with projection screen and LCD projectors


TypeCeiling Mount Kits
Model NumberBM-2.0
Cold Rolled Steel
ColorWhite / Black
Adjustable Arm Length100-200 cm
Loading Capacity
Adjustable Angle Tilt± 30˚ 
Adjustable Angle Yaw ± 15˚
Packing Size110*88*26cm 

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